Skills and Experience

What I Do


Building is my passion - I love the process and satisfaction of creating. It gives me a thrill only rivaled by the feelings I had building with Lego as an eight year old kid. My company,, builds amazing websites using WordPress and other technologies.


Any successful project requires strong leadership, management and communication skills. Thanks to the successful implementation of hundreds of web projects. these are areas I have had the chance to develop. And each new project seems to teach a new and valuable lesson.


For over a decade, I have taught various college and polytechnic level classes, covering topics from web programming to project management. I am currently teaching Project Management for New Media at Vancouver BC's British Columbia Institute of Technology.


I enjoy presenting useful, interesting and engaging content to a variety of audiences. I'm available for speaking on topics such as WordPress, the Mobile Web, and more. I've spoken previously at a variety of events, including WordCamps in Vancouver and Victoria BC.